Grant Recipients

2014-2015 Grant Cycle

Colectivo Ilé (Ilé Collective) – PUERTO RICO
Project: To promote the leadership of African-descent women through “África en mi piel, África en mi ser” to seek racial equality in Puerto Rico

Purpose: A four-month leadership development process, conceived by women for women, to challenge racism and current racializing efforts attacking our identity and culture, neutralizing our ability to take our rightful place in forging a transformed society. Through a series of liberatory processes, women explore how racism negatively distorts their image and that of their ancestors, and the impositions, including the policies, practices and “traditions” that foster a debilitating sense of inferiority and incompetency. They also recognize the daily racial micro-aggressions and micro-assaults, the violence endured multi-generationally, and the restorative and anti-racist healing practices needed for our collective well-being.

Asociación Ecología y Salud-ECOSALUD (Ecology and Health Association) – HONDURAS
Project: A course in sexual reproductive health and human rights for Afro-Honduran women

Purpose: Afro-Honduran women must know that their bodies belong to themselves, that they have the rights of their words, to autonomy, to information, and to making their own decisions freely. They must also know that they have rights to enjoyment, pleasure, freedom of privacy, and having reproductive control. They must know that these rights grant them the possibility of demanding protection methods against pregnancy and/or STDs; they have the right to say NO to sex or sexual activity; they have the right to take care of their reproductive health and demand medical attention.

2012/2013 Grant Cycle

Consejo Comunitario de la comunidad negra de la Cuenca del  río Raposo (Community Council of the Raposo River Basin’s Black Community)  – COLOMBIA
Strengthening and Restoration of Traditional Roof Farms

Purpose: To contribute to strengthening food autonomy and improve health, through the creation of 30 traditional roof farms by a group of 30 Afro-Colombian women in the communities of El Tigre, Santa Ana and Murillo.


Asociación Proyecto Bambata Herencia Africana (African Bambata Heritage Project Association) – VENEZUELA
Training Center for Culinary Micro-Businesses for Young Afro-Peruvian Women

Purpose: To finance education, training and classes via the creation of a training center for culinary micro-businesses in the Venezuelan Afro-descendant community of Santa Maria, where more than 80% of women are unemployed. The expected results are the creation of at least 25 micro-businesses made up of at least 10 to 15 young Afro-Venezuelan women that will generate a significant income not only for their families but also for the community.  The funds will also be used for the purchase of kitchen equipment, utensils, materials, supplies for vacuum packing and two computers to conduct workshops and training sessions.

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Past Grant Recipients

2011 Grant Cycle

Asociación Negra de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (Black Association for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights) – PERU
Project:  Leadership, advocacy and citizen participation for young Afro-Peruvian women

Purpose:  To prepare a new generation of young Afro-Peruvian women to effectively participate in all levels of society as equal citizens, gain understanding of the nation’s laws and constitution, and become decision-makers, contribute to economic development and promote gender and racial equality in their communities. Fifteen young women will be selected to participate. The Afro-Peruvian Young Women’s Network will be formed through this process.

Despertar: Fundación para la Educación y el Deporte de las Comunidades Negras e Indígenas de la Costa Pacifica de Nariño (Awakening: Foundation for Education, Culture and Sport for Black and Indigenous Communities of the Pacific Coast of Nariño) – COLOMBIA
Adolescent and Youth Leadership: A Strategy for Recognition and Dignification of Afro-Colombian Women

Purpose: To develop a Leadership School for 40 women and teenage girls from Tumaco, which generates attitudes of change aimed at raising awareness with regard to the subject of gender and ethnicity, focusing on Afro-Colombians, designed to improve the self-sufficiency and individual responsibility.  The project is designed to analyze the effects of negative images of Black women in Colombian media and dismantle them.

Fundación Akina Zaji Sauda–Conexión de Mujeres Negras (Akina Zaji Sauda Foundation—Black Women’s Connection) – COLOMBIA
Identification, prevention and response to sexual violence based on gender, in the context of the internal armed conflict in the municipality of Buenaventura, Colombia

Purpose: To support the food autonomy processes among Afro-Colombian women in rural areas as well as income generation in urban areas affected by the Colombian armed conflict.

2010 Grant Cycle

Asociación Proyecto Bambata Herencia Africana (African Bambata Heritage Project Association) – VENEZUELA
Production of organic fertilizer by women and girls of African descent

Purpose: To teach a group of Afro-Venezuelan women and girls to produce agro-economic fertilizer from natural resources in order to create an organic sustainable community garden. The women will also receive business and financial education to market and sell the garden’s surplus as an alternative source of income to the women and their families.

Centro de Desarrollo Etnico (Center for Ethnic Development) – PERU 

Project: Afro-Yapateran Women – Modeling our identity
Purpose: To enable forty Afro-Peruvian women artisans in the Yapatera community to establish micro-enterprises using skills that have been passed down for generations to create wood carving and ceramic clay artisanal products. In addition to receiving training to develop accounting and financial skills, the women will also participate in workshops to strengthen their cultural identity and to develop self-esteem from a gender perspective.

2009 Grant Cycle

Asociación Negra de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (Black Association for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights) – PERU
Project: Afro-Peruvian Women, Enterprise and Leadership

Purpose: To develop skills of Afro-Peruvian women in rural communities, by community self-management activities that lead to income generation by producing and selling each community’s own products through trade fairs.

Fundación Ébano de Colombia (Ebony Foundation of Colombia) – COLOMBIA
Project: Education in Health and Sexual Awareness for Women and Girls of Afro-Colombian Descent in the Sincelejo Municipality

Purpose: To empower and provide a group of fifty Afro-Colombian young women and girls, who have been displaced by violence in the Sincelejo region of Colombia, with sexual awareness and health education.

2008 Grant Cycle

Fundación Acción y Desarrollo Comunitario (Community Action and Development Foundation) – ECUADOR
Project:  Strengthening of the Savings Plans of the Afro-Ecuadorian Business Initiative Groups

Purpose:  To support small business initiatives of Afro-Ecuadorian women’s groups, in 5 provinces of Ecuador.

2007 Grant Cycle

Reunion de Mizangas Mujeres Jovenes Afrodescendientes (Young Women of African Descent – Mizangas Reunion) – URUGUAY

Project:  Empowerment of young women of African descent:  Approaching sexual and reproductive rights with an emphasis on ethnic, racial and gender identity.

Purpose:  The proceeds of the grant were used to fund a program for adolescent Afro-Uruguayan girls to promote self-identity, especially as it relates to sexual awareness and images of Black women in the Uruguayan society, with the goal of improving opportunities and conditions to exercise their rights as citizens.

Foro De Desarrollo Integral De La Mujer Y La Familia (Forum for the Essential Development of Women and the Family) – ECUADOR

Project:  Creation of communal banks for women with low-income in the San Lorenzo region of Ecuador.

Purpose:  The proceeds of the grant were used to fund a project that provides business management training and small loans to fifty Afro-Ecuadorian women entrepreneurs.